Not Quite Platonic

pla·ton·ic - /pləˈtänik/
(of love or friendship) Intimate and affectionate but not theory, on Craigslist, not so much. IN NO WAY AFFILIATED WITH craigslist, inc

Jerk off on my sisters panties(: - m4m - 23

she’s a 20yo hot white brunette, 5’4 110, you get full access to her room and laundry lol, pictures are available, nothing creepy, no m on m , please contact me and please be around our ages, I’m 23

Nothing creepy?  I think letting a stranger in to jerk off on your sister’s panties is just about the textbook definition of creepy.


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Is it really this Difficult? - m4w (GTA)

Ladies, all I want to do is come over and get naked for you, does not have to lead to anything. I’m fit and in nice shape, I’ll be the perfect gentleman. So is it really this difficult?

God, you women today are such prudes!  All this fine, upstanding gentleman wants is for you to let a complete and utter stranger from Craigslist into your place, get naked, and do what I can only imagine are unspeakable and disgusting things.  What’s wrong with that?  Geez.


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I lost a bad bet and now I have to drive around town naked. I need someone to film it so that I have proof that I did it. I am a male in my twenties. I’d feel more comfortable with a female doing it, but whatever it takes for me to get this over with and prove I did it. I know this sounds ridiculous but it’s serious.

I was sceptical that this was serious, figured you were just some weirdo who wants someone to film you driving your car naked for some unknown reason, but thankfully you clarified that this is actually serious so I can sleep easy now.


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Oral Rape Fantasy - m4m - 30 (Oakville )

I am looking for someone who is older that is interested in an oral rape fantasy.

You will come to my home and enter within me knowing where you will find me naked. Upon doing so you will then proceed to force me to get on my knees, tie my hands up and fuck my mouth like a slut and then leave

Well everything here seems quite platonic and on the up and up.


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We are a 58 year old mom and 40 year old son.
We are both naturally submissive and in need of 
a firm but loving Alpha FEMALE who will provide 
us with mentoring and guidance.

We currently live together. Mom is a waitress.
Son is a courier. We both lack real motivation
and focus in terms of careers, fitness, and
a social life. He is an only child and has never
been married or ever had his own kids,

We both have few friends, are very shy, introverted,
and lack social skills. 

We are both single. He is what many would call a
momma’s boy or geek. I am the type who is
very nice and gets taken advantage of easily.
Many say he is mollycoddled. 

We both lack focus and discipline over fitness
and diets. 

We are looking for an Alpha who will guide us and
be firm. We are both no longer young anymore,
but we believe it is never to late to learn from someone
who is confident, assertive, dominant, patient, strict
and firm.

If you are interested, please send us your pictures and
how exactly you believe you could better shape our lives.

Perhaps a live in arrangement could be considered

Alpha FEMALES of all ages are welcome to reply as long as
you are mature, focused, patient, strict and stern. 

We have been receiving replies from many fakes, liars and psychos, 
so please be sure to provide your phone number, along with a good time 
to call you in your first email. We would also like to exchange pictures as 
soon as possible. 

Please be naturally assertive, dominant, down to earth, up front,
and blunt about what you are seeking from this arrangement.
We have had lots of people contacting us and really wasting our




Oh my.


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test - m4w - 40 (grimsby)

This is a test posting. I am testing my email handle. I am going to contact myself through this posting to ensure that it works.

I don’t think Craigslist should be your first stop on the Internet grandpa.


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Hit4hire (Toronto)

Title says it all
Need someone to take a “vacation?”
I will do the job

Serious inquires only 
Cash payments only

The contract killing business must be in dire straits if hitmen are resorting to Craigslist.


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Do you own a stallion?

There’s something I want to cross off my bucket list. Give me a buzz and I’ll explain.

I’ll want a picture, by the way. Have wasted much time and gas on liars.

Given your secrecy and the fact that this is on Craigslist, I can only assume that you want to be fucked by a horse.


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