Not Quite Platonic

pla·ton·ic - /pləˈtänik/
(of love or friendship) Intimate and affectionate but not theory, on Craigslist, not so much. IN NO WAY AFFILIATED WITH craigslist, inc
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Ribs AND oral??  In a van no less?  One at a time please ladies, I know this is an irresistible offer but there’s plenty of this fine specimen of a man to go around.  

One question though, is the compensation you speak of in ribs?


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White, 36, awesome shape, attached straight seeks straight guy - m4m - 36 (Scarborough)

36, white, straight, attached, 7” cut, super hot trim in shape body, super tight ass, long smooth legs, good looking, clean and disease and drugs free. 

I want a similar attached guy, almost any age, for fun. I’ve tried a bit of this and that before and I’m open to ideas as long as it’s super safe. 

I would like to watch each other jerk off, maybe try sitting on your hard cock and slip it into my little ass pussy!!! Anyway, give me a call or email if we can meet. 

I can’t host!

Hmmmmm, now I’m no expert, and certainly not one to judge, but having another man’s ‘hard cock’ slip in to your ‘little ass pussy’ might be pushing the boundaries of ‘straight’ to the limit.


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Stress relief on the bare - m4w - 46 (Toronto)

Frustrated? Working long hours with no play time? Pissed at your significant other? I’m available to listen over a drink or coffee while you vent. And if you’d like to blow off some stress by paddling my bare sensitive ass, feel free. My butt is firm, reddens nicely, and I deserve it. Handcuffs optional.

I too find no better way to blow off steam after a tough day than to have a nice dark roast from Starbucks followed by some paddling of a random internet man’s ass.  Really does the trick.  Kudos to you sir, for being so selfless to volunteer your bare, sensitive ass to the masses.


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omorashi - m4w - 25

im looking for a woman i can relate to on this subject. im not looking for a hook up, so please dont flag. 
i dont care your age race or how you look only that your a waman and share my fetish.

Do you like to wait as long as you can to use the restroom when you have to pee? do you enjoy how it feels when you have a full bladder? do you ever purposely hold it as long as you can? have you ever had an “accident” because you held too long? do you like the feeling you get when you finally do go? do you like seeing yourself or someone else doing “the dance?”
ever been too embarrassed by these things to tell anyone? well these are things i wont judge you for. i like these feelings myself.

I just don’t know any more.


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SERVICE SLAVE/MAID 4 BLACK PEOPLE - m4w - 55 (toronto east)

I am a submissive white male, 55 years old who believes in Black Supremacy. I like to dress as a maid and serve Black people.
I would like to do domestic chores for a Black woman or couple such as cooking and cleaning, laundry, ironing, running errands and more. 
I also give good footrubs and can be used as a footstool. 
I will be completely subserviant and an obedient little bitch 
I am available Monday to Friday after 6pm and weekends. 
Please be TTC assessable as I do not drive. 
We can meet at a public place and discuss my servitude if so desired. 
No money involved just service and submission. 
I am serious and hope You are too.

Hmmm, don’t think this is what people talking about reparations had in mind.


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I do remember the show ReBoot, but I don’t recall any link between that and ass eating?  Now Beast Wars I get.

I do remember the show ReBoot, but I don’t recall any link between that and ass eating?  Now Beast Wars I get.


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looking for a woman or lisbin to make prego - m4w (toronto)

I am a .st8 guy 43 loking to make one lisbion or woman prego old way inwill notdo speam bank way looking to come over every day i off and fuck u al day so.if u interested get.back with age pic and whatnu are in subject line if u on donthat u he deleted dont

What woman or ‘lisbion’ wouldn’t want to be fucked repeatedly by this fine specimen of a man until she hits the jackpot and gets ‘prego’ by his obviously superior seed?


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Jerk off on my sisters panties(: - m4m - 23

she’s a 20yo hot white brunette, 5’4 110, you get full access to her room and laundry lol, pictures are available, nothing creepy, no m on m , please contact me and please be around our ages, I’m 23

Nothing creepy?  I think letting a stranger in to jerk off on your sister’s panties is just about the textbook definition of creepy.


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